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Casino Tables

With all the glamour and excitement of Monte Carlo, James Bond 007 or Las Vegas this relaxed and informal entertainment allows guests to ‘break the bank’ without breaking into their own bank accounts! Fun money abounds as our friendly and experienced croupiers turn your guests into millionaires at the turn of a card, the throw of a dice or the spin of a wheel!

A choice of gaming tables may include:


American Roulette is fast and exciting with several people playing at any one time. Players are able to place as many bets as they like with odds from evens to 35-1.


Guests play against the dealer with the object of drawing cards totalling up to twenty-one before the dealer draws to see if the Bank pays or collects.


A dice game with several players gaming at any one time. A simplified version of what can be a complex game; tremendous fun with plenty of player participation.


Poker is the classic card game with literally hundreds of variants. Casino Stud Poker is both quick to learn and very fast moving with several people playing against the house simultaneously.

How  The Casino Tables Work

Typically Towards the end of your meal our friendly croupiers greet your guests and provide them with fun money to exchange for gaming chips, the rules are simple and easy to follow: The objective is to accumulate as much money as possible during the evening. You could provide a bottle of champagne for the most successful individual.

Casino Tables
Casino Tables

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