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LED Screen Hire & Video Display Walls

We hire LED video screens which are the ideal solution for conferences, events, awards nights and sporting events.

This is a modular video panel displays system which accurately reproduces high-contrast videos and images, the panels can be suspended vertically or horizontally offering different aspect ratio options to fit into any venue or stage area.

Overall screen sizes can be made to suit any budget.

LED Video Walls

LED video wall hire has become an very popular choice for all types of events from conferences and awards nights as well as live music events and is a great back drop option to any wedding event stages.

Using an LED Wall for your conference stage set or event really adds the wow factor, It allows you to produce large screens without the hassle of the space that normal projection system requires.

Our LED screen gives you a nearly unlimited freedom to build your screen in any shape, the LED wall is inspiring and will grab the attention of delegates or customers and add a modern alternative to a normal screen.

LED TV Screen with Stands

We supply all sizes of LED TV screens which are suitable for all venue types and audience sizes. Accessories available include, side mounted speakers, floor stands, wall mounts, and video/data distribution amplifiers.

We offer Full HD resolution as standard and all screens have a 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio. If your material is prepared in a standard 4:3 aspect ratio your visual material will be stretched slightly to fill the screen.

Remember that since our plasma screens are professional displays, they do not have built in speakers. Therefore make sure to request additional speakers suited to your audience numbers if your presentation or film features sound.