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Virtual Video Conferences, Meetings and Events

Virtual meetings and webinars for local meetups, webinars, conferences and events.

Video Conferencing Live Streaming and webcasts are services Hipswing produce and advice you on. Stream your virtual meeting or conferences presentation from any location with technical support and full production services.

Hybrid Events and Conferences in Cheshire

Hipswing can provide all the Technical Support and the very latest technology in equipment to your next conference.This means you could have your business meeting, conference or just a general update to staff using a virtual webinar system to get your message across.

We can deliver a secure system to your virtual audience with the option for the participants to take part in your meeting and interact with the presenters. You can also receive feedback and follow-up from your customers and your staff in real time to give you the feeling of a real conference.

Hipswing will help you plan and develop your ideas within the budget constraints that you have and deliver a professional event to your virtual audience which can also be saved and re-played at any time so that nobody misses your message.

What we can offer:

  • Live event broadcasts
  • Webcasting
  • Video conferencing (with a variety of platforms)
  • Audio conferencing
  • HD recordings for on-demand viewing
  • Online meetings
  • Virtual conferences

Live Video Streaming

If your audience is nationwide or even international and not able to attend for any reason, Hipswing can deliver your conference via live video streaming.

Your conference and presentation can run simultaneously online allowing your audience to see both the presenter and presentation at the same time. The delegates can attend the conference from either a PC, tablet or mobile device.

The delegates can comment and ask questions live and Interact with the presenters, this can also work as a panel discussion or audience participation.

We can also record the event so you can upload it to your website or even send to delegates/customers who missed the live stream.