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Festoon Lighting Hire

Festoon Lighting Hire is ideal for a more rustic style wedding or event. The lights comprise of several strings of vintage light bulbs hung either indoor or outdoor.

The Festoon lighting adds both light and style to any area, with brightness control, ranging from bright white to light up the night to a dull glow, adding a shimmering atmosphere.

We can hang the lights anywhere outdoors using large stakes to highlight paths, mark edges or just to add some decoration to your event. When hanging the lights indoors special measures need to be taken and so it becomes limited on where the bulbs can hang, although we do like a challenge!

Hipswing can provide two different styles of festoon lighting the first being our standard bulbs which have a regular filament, and the second is our upgrade to a specialised vintage bulbs.

We can also provide our festoon light chandelier, perfect for rustic style weddings. This can be hung almost anywhere, some of our suggestions include hanging it over the top table, cake table or postbox and present table. Here at Hipswing we are excited to hear your ideas about are brilliantly vintage festoon lighting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mostly, but not everywhere. For indoor festoon lighting we would need sufficient fixing points already installed in the building as we are not permitted to perform permanent fixtures. For outdoor festoon lighting we just need soft ground for our stakes and the permission of the venue. We can also hang off already installed fixtures of walls, posts and outdoor fencing.

Yes! You can choose normal, vintage or half and half for your bulbs!

Yes, we hire the festoon lighting out in 1 metre connectable sections so you can have anything from 5m - 5000m!

We have either white or black cable available for the festoon lighting but all our bulbs are warm white. Unfortunately we do not provide the multi-coloured bulbs anymore.