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Beer for Breakfast are a professional four piece Irish Band, who play a fantastic and lively range of real Traditional and Contemporary Irish Music, songs and tunes, as well as Celtic Rock and Country Rock & Roll. We are all professional musicians who came together about 8 years ago from academic, formal, semi-pro and session music backgrounds, to form one of the most vibrant and lively bands on the Irish music scene today.

We also do Ceili’s as a five piece band including a caller for all types of Ceili, with an Irish, Scottish or English flavour!

We specialise in Ceili’s for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, folk festivals, PTA’s, corporate events and for any other reason you wish, from very large events to very small gatherings. Playing as a five piece ceili band, we use one of three excellent callers, Michael, Francis or Bill, to give your Ceili an Irish, Scottish or English flavour- depending on what you want! The callers are all very experienced and are there to make your event very enjoyable and for you to have FUN.

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