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Looking for a unique mix of live music and DJ at your wedding or event?

This combination of a funky sax player and club style DJ with club lighting and sound system is the perfect way to add a modern mix to your event.

We can provide one of our 3 fantastic Sax players along with one of our DJ’s to create a brilliant duo of your favourite all time classics combined with live music.

If you would like to know more about our fabulous live Sax and DJ packages please do not hesitate to click on our contact us page and complete the form.

Dj & Sax Combination

All of our DJs have worked regularly alongside our 3 fabulous Saxophonists so there's no need for you to worry who we pair together!

Some of our sax players can also provide a bongo player to accompany them and the DJ to create even more of a club style atmosphere

Our Saxophonists all work differently so for more information about their set times, music or general information please contact our office directly on 0330 122 4321 or email

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